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Digestion regulation to control weight

Digestion regulation to control weight

The older we are trying to lose the surplus of clogs. And they can only further aggravate your health condition or contribute to new problems such as diabetes, increased blood pressure, heart and blood vessels, joint changes … Slimming is nothing simple, so it’s hard to lose weight easily. To be successful, we need to know ourselves, our body, physiology, and analyze the way we live, awaken our emotional state as well as our subconscious, which can largely be part of the problem. You need to move, reduce calorie intake, eat better, and add nutrition to raise the quality of the food we eat. And it should be persistent. But if we only have persistence, and we do not know the basic rules of functioning of metabolism, and we do not respect them, success will be absent, and disappointment for the in vain effort of doing so will be even greater. You’ve heard about yo-yo effect. Here’s what it’s about. You’ve decided on a diet, all planned, rejected bread and carbohydrates, eating boiled eggs and salads, drinking water and tea … in one word – you’re hungry. Even after three days the body will interpret it like this – “It’s hungry, there’s not enough food! Slow down all systems and store it as much as possible in fat supplies! “You’re getting hungry and the kilograms slower, so that the whole process soon becomes impossible. You lose your nerves and interrupt your diet, but your metabolism is even slower than when you were on the diet, and now with twice as much calories as you can to recover your lost weight and killing another kilogram anymore. For black days.

The purpose and goal of taking the right supplements is just to overcome and overcome the obstacles posed by our metabolism, our lifestyle, and our genetics. Slim Formula is CaliVita product that contain natural active ingredients that help regulate weight, sense of satiety, and faster fat burning, i.e. accelerating metabolism. Nopalin and Inulin are products that bring you so much fiber in your daily life.

Slim Formula (90 tablets)

Slim Formula (90 tablets)

Slim Formula

Regardless of which diet is used, the main guideline for supplementing the diet is to help the body regain its balance and improve the energy utilization of the food, since the success of each child depends on the effectiveness of these processes. So we have prepared for you a combination of Trimex and Slim formulas.

  1. For faster removal of toxins, digestion, bowel function – green tea extract, ginger, turmeric, cactus nopal, liver cleanser – amino acid complex
  2. To regulate the weight of substances that stimulate thermogenesis (heat generation) – garlicic acid hydroxycitrate, chromic picolinate, amino acid L-carnitine, lecithin
  3. To reduce appetite (nopal, chromium picolinate hydroxycitrate)

Amino acid complex

It helps to clean the liver, and when the liver is weaker, it causes an inadequate stinging of the bile, insufficiently successful fat degradation, and the consequence is, most often, fat deposition in the subcutaneous tissue. Amino acids also contribute to accelerating the exchange of substances, reducing fat deposits, increasing energy production, and also maintaining and strengthening muscle tissue, thereby achieving weight loss without loss of muscle tissue and tonus.

Green Tea (Camellia sinensis)

It has been used since ancient times to make the body as good as it was, and it was especially respected in Chinese medicine. Carriers of action are a group of polyphenol family known as catechins and flavonols (epikatehin EC, epigalocatein EGC, epicatehin galate ECG iepigalocatehin galate EGCG). The proportion of these active substances in the form of green tea present in the Slim formula is as much as 95%. Except as strong antioxidants, their positive role in weight loss processes has been recognized. In some studies, green tea, more precisely the alkaloid tea, is associated with the rise of thermogenesis (increased calorie consumption) to a degree much higher than that of caffeine itself.

Curcuma (Curcuma Longa, Curcumin)

The famous ancient plant in culinary and traditional medicine is increasingly recognized as a help in weight loss due to its extremely strong anti-inflammatory effect. It has been reported that curcumin, turmaline (turkey proteins), volatile oils and its complex sugars, polysaccharides, show synergistic action, primarily anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, which help to strengthen detoxication function of the liver as well as gall bladder formation and choleractomy.


An amino acid that, along with coenzyme Q10, is crucial to the fat burning process. It is especially important for successful weight loss because it is known that all muscles in the body, including the heart muscle, receive energy almost exclusively with this combustion process. Because of this role Slim Formula and contains amino acid L-carnitine, which provides effective muscle work, especially important for those who just leave the comfort of the armchair and decide to hire their own muscles. Initially, while muscle mass is too low and fatty tissue is full, the role of L-carnitine is enormous,

Chromium picolinate

In 1957, researchers from Mertz and Schwartz isolated a compound called glucose tolerance factor (Glucose Tolerance Factor GTF). It is, in fact, a biologically active form of chromium chromium picolinate for which it has been subsequently found to stimulate the action of insulin and is necessary for maintaining normal glucose metabolism. Adding chromium to the diet results in improved glucose delivery, i.e. better utilization in peripheral tissues, especially in muscle. According to scientific data, GTF is one of the most effective weight loss substances (Better Nutrition for Today’s Living, Jan. 199, Vol. 53 (No1): p12). It works by reducing the appetite in two ways: it boosts the action of insulin, which in turn activates the center of satiety, and in a way that facilitates the transport of amino acids (eg, triptofan) into the brain. Insulin is one of the most important metabolic hormones that plays an important role in muscle development, controlling body weight, but it is also extremely important for cardiovascular health because glucose and amino acids are needed to produce energy and protein synthesis. But in the absence of chromium insulin can not work well – neither in carbohydrate metabolism nor in burning fat in energy. Chromium picolinate is therefore one of the main ingredients and Trimex and Slim formula making them effective weight loss support.

Seedlings (Foeniculum vulgare)

Seedlings seed contains essential oil whose main ingredients are anetol (50-80%) and foeniculine and fenhon that give it a bitter taste. The main action of the chamber is diuretic, mildly antispasmodic (calms the cramps) and carminates (prevents overhang). In weight loss processes, it is most important to encourage urination and remove all metabolites that occur in the weight loss process.

Lecithin (phosphatidylcholine)

Lecithin is a natural fatty substance (main ingredients of choline and inositol). Choline and inositol are lipotropic substances – substances that help build fatty particles and thus accelerate – and facilitate a process of extreme importance for weight loss, the process of burning fat in energy. Since lecithin converts cholesterol and other fats into water-soluble substances, they can be removed from the body with much greater efficacy, and since our diet usually contains more fat than needed, lecithin should be a necessary part of weight loss . No less important for the weight loss process is the role of choline and inositol in preventing the formation of fatty liver, in softening.

Garcinia Cambogia (std at 50% HCA, hydroxycitrate)

Hydroxycitrate is a simple molecule that works successfully in a complex weight loss process. It is one of the few substances in nature whose fat loss action is scientifically proven and explained. There is no unknown in her, she is successful, she works quickly and reliably, which can be said for little substance in nature. Scientists have explained the mechanism of action, and it is based on the braking of certain enzymes, key in the process of fats and fatty acids. HCA will therefore stop stopping lipogenesis – the process of converting carbohydrates to fat and depositing fat so produced in fat cells, thus reducing fatty deposits in the body. Wondering for sure, what about the existing greasy supplies? Most importantly, HCA will stimulate other enzymes (carnitine acyltransferase) to transopulate existing fat from cells into mitochondria where they will burn in energy and heat. In short, HCA reduces fat formation and promotes the burning of existing ones. HCA promotes glucose conversion into glycogen-reserve sugar (stored in liver and muscle). By activating muscles (exercise), glycogen converts into glucose that burns into energy according to body requirements. So the energy level increases, wears fat reserves and reduces appetite – increasing the availability of glycogen in the liver, the brain gets a quicker message that the body is shedding. Studies show that HCA intake increases heat production through the burning process, and this HCA effect further enhances other stimulants in TrimeX and Slim formulas – green tea, ginger and turmeric.

Nopal (Opuntia sp. Cactus)

Dietary fibers include all parts of plant foods that your body can not digest or absorb. Today’s diet differs significantly from the diet of our ancestors, so people from ancient times, through old civilizations, consumed up to 100 grams of fiber per day until the beginning of the 20th century, unlike today’s diet, which we bring about an average of about 15 g a day. And for normal functioning of digestion it is necessary at least 25-30 g of fiber per day. How much fruit, vegetables, legumes and cereals we can show: To get 25 g of fiber, we need to eat 200 g of muesli, or 1200 g of apple with a crust, or even almost 4 kg of green salad. Who Makes It Today? Precisely because of the defective answer to this question, but also because of the fact that we are often unable to follow this recommendation because of the binge life, fiber-rich preparations such as Nopalin are of great importance. The fibers have a mechanical function to fill the digestive tract space, where it is useful to retain water, absorb harmful substances, but also have an important function to induce nerve endings in the intestines and the intestinal motion and discharge. Is it particularly important to emphasize why it is important for good and abundant discharge of the intestine? The result of inadequate fiber intake is frequent diseases of civilization – constipation, diabetes, obesity, increased fat in the blood, colon cancer and others.

Ginger (Zyngiber officinale)

It is well known in Ayurvedic medicine as a food that stimulates digestive function, and science is used to treat high blood sugar, elevated sugar, oxidative stress, and inflammation that is always increased in abdominal fat (visceral fat).

Nopalin (200 tablets)

Nopalin (200 tablets)


The dehydrated cactus nopal provides plenty of soluble and intolerable fibers with a great effect on body weight control, cellulite, digestion and overall metabolism, especially the metabolism of sugar and fat. The rich composition of vitamins, minerals and even 17 amino acids, of which eight are essential, make this product unavoidable in daily diet.

Pure Inulin (198.5 g)

Pure Inulin (198.5 g)

Pure Inulin

Pure Inulin contains 100% powdery inulin from chicory that assists healthy intestinal function. Inulin is a complex carbohydrate of the fructose group (fructo-oligosaccharides or FOS), whose fibers are insoluble and resistant to enzymatic breakdown in the small intestine and are unbounded into the colon, where they digest colon bacteria.

Inulin serves as a prebiotics (a source of beneficial bacteria), ie it promotes the growth of healthy intestinal bacterial flora in terms of increasing the number of beneficial bacteria, which has the effect on thin and large bowel health. Especially increases the amount of strain bacteria Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus resulting in the strengthening of the immune system in the body, the reduction of the number of pathogenic bacteria in the intestine, the relief of the prison, the reduction of osteoporosis risk by increasing mineral absorption, especially calcium, and the reduction of triglycerides through their reduced liver formation.

Inulin has a low glycemic index (Slowly releases glucose from the chains) which is why it is suitable for use with people with diabetes and people with reductive diets.

In addition to food or beverages as a substitute for sugar, and its taste is comparable to the taste of sugar.

Inulin and other fructans, due to the large number of health effects, are widely used in the preparation of various types of food such as sugar-refreshers, in the preparation of fruit and dairy desserts, yogurt, bakery products, chocolate and sauces creating a new food group – functional foods that have a health effect.


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